A community following Jesus, playing our part in the renewal of Southampton.


a community following Jesus, playing our part in the renewal of Southampton


Tables 8.9.19

A table is an ordinary place, so routine and every day that it is easily overlooked as a place of life changing community. By sharing a meal around a table we provide the context for which people feel loved, where people feel heard, a place where God’s Spirit can move. The practice of eating and drinking is central to the Kingdom of God - Jesus ate with the lost, Jesus ate with his community, Jesus ate with God. 

At the end of Acts 2, we see the pivotal role that ‘breaking bread’ together has in deepening the relationships of believers. Meals are more than just nourishment for the body, they bring people together. Through this shared experience we see strangers as neighbours and neighbours as family. A family not connected by blood, but a family of friends who are following Jesus. 

Inspired by all of this, we are going to start gathering around the table. Tables will run throughout our city and beyond on a regular basis in peoples’ homes, in pubs, cafes and anywhere else you can find a flat surface supported by legs. Tables will be a place where people can deepen friendships, find belonging and encourage each other as we follow the way of Jesus in our city. 

You are invited on the 22nd of October to come along and find out more about Saint Mary’s Tables and how you can be a part of it.

We look forward to seeing you there.